Your Menstrual Cycle as Teacher, Mentor and GPS Of Your Life

Love your body, Love your cycle,  master your life.

Your Menstrual Cycle as Teacher, Mentor and GPS Of Your Life, an audio program by Gina Cloud, creator of GinaCology and The Sacred Facts of Life. You will NEVER see or experience your cycle the same and this information, tips and tools will forever change your life.In this EDUCATIONAL experience, you will LEARN why your menstrual cycle is your best friend, greatest ally, and life-long TEACHER . Its wisdom is profound. You will LEARN a new and empowering perspective of your period – the Sacred Cycle, and how PMS (Powerful Monthly Sight) is the master GPS (Goddess Power Source) of your life. In this 90-minute webinar, I will teach you HOW to embrace it every month. You will LEARN the importance of charting and tracking your cycle and how to make peace with and celebrate your own personal monthly rhythm. You will gain an understanding of your hormones and why they are your GPS, how to take charge of them, honor them, and USE them in service to your life. You will learn why HORMONAL BIRTH CONTROL robs you of a true rhythm and the impact on your health so that if you choose to use it, you are FULLY aware. You will learn how intimately connected your cycle, your sexuality and your emotions are and practical tips and tools so that you can use your cycle to enhance all aspects of your life. Yes, ALL OF THEM. I will teach you how all those “symptoms” are a FORM of communication designed to awaken you to your truth in your life.

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